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What is Invitation2Freedom?

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In this episode, co-founders Lisa Phillips and Crystal Whitaker, a seasoned educator with a rich patriotic background and a passion for history, unpack the core values of America's founding principles and how they've been obscured in our modern framework. The discussion traverses from the origins of America's foundations as seen through its historical documents, to the meaning and implications of living as a republic, as originally intended by the country's founders.


  1. Comprehending the depth of the phrase "We the People" is crucial.

  2. i2F is a learning commUNITY.

  3. Invitation to Freedom serves as a portal for those seeking clarity and comprehension of America’s founding principles.


00:00 Questioning the declaration, trust, constitution, and rights.

07:20 Deeply patriotic family history drives passion for teaching.

09:38 Independent learning followed by a group discussion process.

11:57 Bite-sized lessons changed my perspective.

16:14 Sarah's brilliant work is down-to-earth and essential.


The information contained herein is not intended to be a source of legal advice. You should not rely on the statements or representations made by the hosts or guests. The purpose of this podcast is to give guidance and to educate those in the community on how to be self-reliant members of the constitutional Republic of the united States of America and as such it is strongly recommended that you do your own research. Invitation2Freedom does not assume any responsibility for the actions or non-actions taken by any of the hosts, guests or listeners, and no one shall be entitled to a claim for detrimental reliance on any information provide or expressed herein. We reserve our right to assemble, and we do so peacefully and without trespass.

Watch our short video series Reigniting the American Spirit

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