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Taylor and Marie on Choosing Happiness

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In a world that constantly challenges our inner peace with its array of struggles, the latest episode of "Invitation2Freedom" casts a beacon of hope on the incredible power of choice. Lisa Phillips and Marie Johnatakis, along with Taylor Johnatakis, unpack the notion that happiness isn’t just an emotion but a conscious choice we can make.

Taylor, despite being incarcerated and finally sentenced to 87 months, embodies the concept of choosing happiness and illuminates the path for others, even in suffering. The episode also doesn’t shy away from contemporary issues, as it addresses the aftermath faced by families post-January 6th and the non-profits arising from them.


  1. Agree to disagree and make great choices.

  2. Embrace the Power of Choice.

  3. “Your right to be happy is unalienable.”

Timestamps 00:00 Eternal law binds all, cannot be changed.

04:59 The constitution sets you free to choose.

07:51 Discussion about birth bonding and legal contracts.

11:17 Families, response, outlook, justice, cause, effect, innocence.

14:26 Rights: happiness from living truth by choice.

17:06 Accepting differing opinions is crucial for harmony.

19:41 Power lies in making our own choices.

23:15 Taylor and I cherish the power of birthdays.

28:11 Express gratitude, understand the system, take responsibility, be free.

29:21 Devotional calls with inmates share deep experiences.

35:02 Separate yourself from pathological thoughts and control.

36:05 Self-control, self-worth, and being present.

40:22 Feel despair from toxic, biassed news sources.

44:55 Sudden change in family's financial situation discussed.

46:55 Building bridges to alleviate suffering for others.

50:45 Choosing positivity leads to unexpected friendships and experiences.

54:26 Join our community at invitation to Freedom.

Please consider the Johnatakis Family Help fund by visiting this link:

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Taylor's “Happiness is a choice”, Mom said 3/12/2024


The information contained herein is not intended to be a source of legal advice. You should not rely on the statements or representations made by the hosts or guests. The purpose of this podcast is to give guidance and to educate those in the community on how to be self-reliant members of the constitutional Republic of the united States of America and as such it is strongly recommended that you do your own research. Invitation2Freedom does not assume any responsibility for the actions or non-actions taken by any of the hosts, guests or listeners, and no one shall be entitled to a claim for detrimental reliance on any information provide or expressed herein. We reserve our right to assemble, and we do so peacefully and without trespass.

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